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I am an art director, graphic designer, photographer, illustrator, geographer and explorer who enjoys finding new solutions to challenging tasks.

Always being creative opens doors to new adventures and possibilities.

I grew up in a creative family; my paternal grandfather was an Aerial Photographer and my maternal grandfather was an Arctic Navigator and Explorer. Their talent and expertise inspired me to follow in an adventurous, creative career and continue a little piece of their legacy. The love of travel and exploration have led me to various places around the world such as the Canadian Arctic, Doha, Qatar in the Middle East, all over Europe, Tanzania, Africa to summit Uhuru Peak on Mount Kilimanjaro and hiking the 15th-Century Inca Trail to the incredible site of Machu Picchu, situated above the Urubamba Ridge in Peru. In addition, I continue to find inspiration for all my creative endeavours by always surrounding myself with positive people, places and things.


© Kristine Serné 2017

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